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Paysalia 2019 press releases

  • Paysalia consolidates its position as the top show for landscaping, gardening and sports grounds - December 2019

"The 6th edition of Paysalia, the reference Landscaping, Gardening and Sports Grounds Show, was even more successful than in previous years. The expectations of the 29,912 professional visitors to Paysalia and Rocalia – up 13.2% vs. 2017*- were fully met. This popularity highlights the quality of the event, an impression shared by all the exhibitors too!"
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  • Green cities:  The importance of plants, gardens and green spaces in every town and city - September 2019

"Six months from the French municipal elections, all candidates will need to include urban greening in their electoral platforms. Adaptation to climate change, revitalization of downtown areas, tourist attractiveness, quality of life, public health… There are a host of challenges all depending on the size of the cities concerned and their characteristics. They concern both elected officials and the technical services.  All will find all the answers they need during the three days of Paysalia at Lyon-Eurexpo, France next December."
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  • Minerals & plants: a garden duet in close harmony - May 2019

"In gardens, mineral and vegetable architecture is open to the sky. To truly harmonize stone and plant landscapes, composers need to consider a host of factors like the surroundings, colours, lines and the use of voids and masses. Orchestrating these elements creates a duet with their designers… This explains the synergy between Paysalia and Rocalia - the meeting between two complementary and inseparable sectors which share so much."
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  • Landscapes & Gardens are a “must” for attracting tourists - March 2019

"In hotel surroundings, even in town centres, designed as an integral part of tourist sites or simply as places to stroll in flowered cities or villages, gardens and natural landscapes are the DNA of tourist destinations."
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  • THE 6TH EDITION OF PAYSALIA - December 2018

"The whole landscaping, gardening and sports ground sector has its special meeting place: Lyon, France."
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Paysalia 2017 press releases
  • Paysalia 2017's results - December 2017

"The 5th edition of Paysalia, the benchmark Landscaping, Gardening and Sports Ground trade show has just finished, scoring well on every level - visitor quality, exhibitor satisfaction, international expansion and innovations… All the dials are in the green and confirm Paysalia’s leadership position as the “must” Show for everyone active in the sector."
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  • The Paysalia Innovations Trophies 2017 Prize List - December 2017

"At the prize-giving ceremony held on Tuesday, December 5, the Paysalia Innovation Trophies rewarding the most innovative solutions presented in two categories - Sustainable Development and Innovations - on the Paysalia Innovations Space at the Show were awarded. The 6 prize winners were selected by a jury of professionals from more than 50 innovations submitted."
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  • Revegetation parks and gardens. Basics for city centres and urban environements - October 2017

"For several years now, public authorities have realised the importance of urban parks and gardens. Elected representatives, the general public as well as property developers and landscaping ntrepreneurs all want to transform today’s towns into green, ecological cities. This aim and challenge permeates Paysalia 2017!"
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  • Parks and Gardens, biodiversity carriers and boosters - Spring 2017

"In the 21st century, a biodiversity concept for Parks and Gardens Services and landscaping companies emerged in France founded on progress in management practices, the use of historical animal and vegetable species and a “zero pesticides” approach..."
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  • Gardens to care for mankinds, minds and society -  Spring 2017

"Gardens occupy a very particular place in modern societies. Lungsful of fresh air in city centres, nourishment for plants and medicinal herbs and havens of peace for lost souls they care for us on many levels."
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  • Joint Interview - February 2017

"As a prelude to Paysalia, held from next December 5th to 7th at Eurexpo - Lyon, show director Noémi Petit and show president Catherine Muller from Unep examine the show. MEETING OF MINDS."
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  • The 5th edition of Paysalia Landscape, Garden & Sport Professionals have their “must” Show again in December 2017!

"Paysalia the "must" Trade Show held every two years attracts everyone involved in private and public green space installation and maintenance."
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Paysalia 2015 press releases
  • Paysalia 2015 : the 4th edition, an exceptional success! - December 2015

"For its 4th edition, Paysalia, the top trade show for the landscaping, gardening and sports grounds sector has been a real success for everyone active in these businesses, confirming its place as the “must” show for innovations developed to stimulate and develop these markets!"
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  • Landscape design - A mix of passion and special know-how. A business and a vocation. - October 2015

"Paysalia supports the training of professional gardeners and future landscape designers through many events and conferences on the subject."
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  • More and more, urban landscapes feature plants, shrubs and nature. Lyon, France is a green city "par excellence" - September 2015.

"With the development of urban landscaping and the "downtown nature" concept, increasingly rooted in French urban policies. Paysalia has already focused on public authorities and their landscapers and gardeners for several editions."
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  • A fertile soil for innovations - June 2015.

"The theme of the latest edition of Paysalia is “A fertile soil for Innovations”, a signaturefor a year full of promise – here is a preview. The dedicated “Innovation Space” atPaysalia presents a selection of products meeting market needs for environmentalprotection with a reduction in the consumption of pesticides and good looks with lessmaintenance."
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  • Discover the benchmark landscape, garden & sport exhibition - February 2015.

"It only took 3 editions of Paysalia, the landscape, garde and sport exhibition, to become a "must" event for all sector professionals. From December 1st to 3rd 2015, the exhibition will continue to bring everyone working in private or public green space installation and maintenance together at the Eurexpo exhibition centre in Lyon, France."
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Carré des Jardiniers 2019 press releases

  • What Master Gardeners say - January 2019

    "The first edition of the Carré des Jardiniers, the top contest for the Landscaping sector, was held in December 2011. Over the last eight years, four gardening and landscaping professionals have been rewarded for their work and won the prestigious Master Gardener title. See what former Master Gardeners say…"
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  • Launch of the Carré des Jardiniers contest 2019 - May 2018

"The 5th edition of the Carré des Jardiniers", the emblematic landscape sector contest will be officially launched during the Jardins, Jardin Show at the Tuileries in Paris."
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Carré des Jardiniers 2017 press releases

  • Master Gardener 2017 - December 2017

"The Carré Des Jardiniers was created in 2011 at Paysalia - the meeting place for everyone connected with the landscaping sectorin France. This contest is open to all professionals, originators and landscaping contractors in France."
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